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E8 Technologies, LLC is proud to announce our latest productivity app - TaskIt!  TaskIt is a great way to define, organize, assign, and track your projects. It's a todo list, but much more.  Integration with Google Drive (TM) allows users to work in teams, collaborating on complex projects.  

TaskIt can be used as a project management tool, or for simpler tasks, like daily chores, or grocery lists.  Whatever the subject, the 1-Click completion makes completing tasks or checking off items from a todo list a breeze.

 Our initial release includes 2 primary viewing mechanisms - list view & calendar view.  Watch for future releases to incorporate other task views, such as Gantt charts or project summary reports.

Our TaskIt release covers 2 platforms - web & Android devices.  The core functionality is similar across platforms, but there are some unique features.

The Web platform offers a Calendar view that shows task durations and color codes each task on a given day, based on completion and due date.

The Android platform offers a home screen widget to show a given project's tasks without even opening the app!  The Android version also allows users to schedule overdue task notifications


We are very excited about TaskIt, and can't wait to share it with the world!  

The newest android app from e8-technologies has officially been released.  MathUps is an app to help excercise the muscle between your ears by providing many different game modes and levels to help you stretch and strengthen your mental math.  Whether it is playing the fear inducing game of keep alive at level 5 or brushing up on multiplication in the custom game, you will be able to work on continuing to improve your math skills.

MathUps has 4 different game modes and 5 levels and a custom level.

  • Practice: A no pressure run through questions to help hone your skills.  Just answer as many as you want to practice for any of the other quiz types.
  • Keep Alive: A race against the clock!  Earn time by answering correctly, but guess wrong and lose time. Start with 10 seconds on the clock. Game ends when time expires or you've answered all the questions.
  • 20 Questions: You are asked 20 questions.  Your final score is the number of correct answers.
  • 2 Minute Drill: You have 2 minutes to answer as many questions as you can.  Answer quickly and move to the next question in this race against time.

MathUps even keeps track of your score over time to help you see your progress.

Be sure to search for MathUps on the Google Play store and download today.

Your friendly team at E8 Technologies, LLC has just released a new Test Prep+ software update for Android.  At first glance, the app looks very similar, but there's been quite a bit of work under the hood to help improve the Test Prep+ experience.  

After upgrading or installing the app, a new "Tips & Tricks" screen appears, showing you just some of the cool features of Test Prep+.  Once you dismiss the screen, you can always go back to through the "About" icon from Main Menu.  The next obvious (or maybe not?) change is the addition of haptic feedback on button clicks.  We think this makes for better navigation.  

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